Event photo marketing

Event photo marketing is a powerful tool for onsite brand – consumer interaction that has been around for a while and is used by a number of companies around the world.

Our approach to photo marketing is different: We find extraordinary solution for an ordinary task.

We think that perfect execution (though extremely important) is no longer enough to separate your brand from others and to deliver an unforgettable branding message. The competitive future of event photo marketing lies in creative, out-of-the-box concept design, coupled with application of the latest technologies and backed by strong execution. When each of these aspects is properly delivered the outcome is considerably better:

  • retrieval rates are in upper 80%
  • high onsite interaction
  • stronger viral impact of the event

Step 1 – Take Picture

We will take pictures of your consumers during the event.

Step 2 – Modify Picture
Event Photo Marketing Technology
We will then brand the photo with your desired artwork/logo..

Step 3 – Print or Upload to the Website

When a picture is ready, it is either printed onsite or uploaded to the website after the event is completed.

Step 4 – Retrieve Picture
Event Photo Marketing Technology

Your consumers will be instructed to go online and retrieve their picture, where once again, they will be exposed to your brand. While obtaining their pictures, they may be asked to fill out a survey or provide other valuable marketing information. They will also be able to email event pictures to their friends and upload photos to social networking sites.

Step 5 – Get Consumer Information
Event Photo Marketing Technology

When pictures are retrieved by your consumers, you are given an access to the information they provide as well as statistical data.
View a sample photo admin website here